Loyalty: forget everything you know. Sponge launches ten-point action plan for retailers to connect with smartphone-enabled shoppers in new whitepaper

Mobile marketing agency Sponge has released a ten-point action plan outlining how retailers need to evolve their loyalty programmes.

The plan is part of a new whitepaper which explores how the mobile channel can re-energise loyalty schemes; changing retailers’ approach to gaining customer allegiance and challenging perceived wisdom.

‘From entitlement to empowerment: re-shaping loyalty schemes for a mobile-first world’ looks deeply into the consumer mindset, defines ‘loyalty 2.0’ and details how retailers need to respond to modern shoppers.

The whitepaper also investigates how empowerment is the new currency of loyalty, and the importance of personal recognition, contextually relevant information and entertainment in effectively winning brand advocates and securing profitably loyal customers.

“With 96% of the population a member of at least one loyalty scheme, it’s clear UK consumers’ appetite for rewards and offers is high,” said Phil Gault, author of the whitepaper and Director of Strategy at Sponge. “The rise of mobile creates significant opportunities to make loyalty schemes work harder. We are convinced that the most effective programmes in future will be those that embrace a ‘mobile first’ view of the world and leverage the channel’s full potential to enable and empower members.”

The ten-point action plan for retailers to capitalise on mobile loyalty opportunities is on page 38 of the whitepaper, which can be downloaded for free here. www.spongegroup.com/go/whitepaper-loyalty1

About Sponge

Sponge (www.spongegroup.com) is a full service mobile marketing agency specialising in helping brands and retailers create mobile first sites, shopper marketing programmes, and one to one customer communication strategies. Multi-award winning Sponge supplies ideas and technology to companies including Coca-Cola, McDonalds, adidas, Barclays and AutoTrader. Sponge was founded ten years ago and is the UK’s most successful and longest-established mobile marketing agency. Co-founder Alex Meisl is also chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association, the mobile industry trade body.

For further information please contact:

Claire Armitt
01273 760996
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