Obama Wins: Wall Street prepares for renewed Dodd-Frankenstein assault.

London 8th November 2012: The Obama victory will be sending shivers down the spine of US bank CEO’s and their advisers this week. The one chance they had of dodging the Dodd-Frank Act, the single biggest change to US Financial Services oversight since the 1930’s, died with Mitt Romney’s failure to dislodge Obama. Standard & […]

Reputation Management 800.818.6286 Barack Obama & Mitt Romney Secret Meeting

Reputation Management webreputationmanagement.net When your Online Reputation is on the line… We can help. An Estimated 95% of searchers never click past page 1 on a search engine. Search Engines don’t filter harmful and negative information from anyone. Our Reputation Management Services help clean up negative and harmful content from the first page of search […]

Text Mining of Presidential Campaign Speeches in R – Romney vs. Obama

A conceptual presentation on how to build a machine learning system in R that uses text mining to predict the author of an unmarked presidential campaign speech. Commercial applications to brand & campaign management, SEO, electronic medical records (EMRs / EHRs), identity verification, fraud detection, and more. Code presentation to follow.

Thomas Gensemer: Online Organizing for Obama and the Red Cross

Thomas Gensemer, managing partner of Blue State Digital, discusses best practices for building and mobilizing online communities, at the BRITE ’10 conference. He presents lessons from Blue State Digitals work with the Red Cross, the Tate Museum and the Obama campaign. The BRITE ’10 conference on brands, innovation and technology is hosted by the Center […]

Obama Administration’s Consumer Bill of Rights Fails on Enforcement – eWeek

BBC News Obama Administration's Consumer Bill of Rights Fails on EnforcementeWeekAfter all, anything that passes through your Android phone, or that you search for on Google's search engine, or is paid for through Google Wallet can enter the vast collection of data at Google, and even if the law takes effect, there's not much …Privacy […]

Kal Penn (Kalpen Modi) at Obama Rally Jan. 2008

Filmmakers Eric Byler and Annabel Park of Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (APAP) and Asian Americans for Obama catch up with actor Kal Penn (Harold and Kumar, The Namesake) moments before the Democratic Candidates Debate on Jan. 15, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. More than 30 Asian Pacific Americans from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington […]

Obama Uses Google Plus To Expand Social Media Presence

Doing slightly better with social media than McDonalds, tonight President Obama logged on to Google Plus to answer questions in an effort to expand the White House presence on social media networks. The event was the Oval Office’s first virtual “Hangout”, where Obama appeared for a 45-minute live video chat, answering live and pre-selected questions submitted via […]

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